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Automatic Donations

Have money taken automatically out of your paycheck or your bank or brokerage account and sent directly to Sammie's Friends.  This is really easy and adds up over a year's time.  Call the shelter and talk to Curt for details.

Matching Donations

See if your employer offers a matching donation plan.  This doubles your donation!

Donate a Vehicle

If you have a used car you no longer use or want, donating it to Sammie's Friends is fast and easy.  Save yourself the trouble of selling it AND help Nevada County animals.  The donation company will arrange to pick up your vehicle, handle the title transfer, and provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt -all at no cost to you.  

For more information or to donate a vehicle, please click here.

Donate Securities, Stocks and Bonds

Avoid capital gains taxes by transferring appreciated securities to Sammie's Friends.  

You will also receive a tax deduction based on the value of the securities at the time of transfer.  

Please see you tax advisor for more information. Click Here for wiring and delivery instructions.

Donate a Life Insurance Policy

If you own a life insurance policy you no longer need, you can donate the policy to Sammie's Friends.  

Please see your life insurance agent for more information.

Contribute from Your IRA

Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Sell on ebay

Now you can automatically donate all or part of the sales price of your ebay items directly to Sammie's Friends.  

For more information, please click here.

Care of this type has reduced the euthanasia rate since most of these animals become adoptable. (Most people do not want to adopt an animal if they are immediately faced with a large vet bill.)  In 1998, the euthanasia rate at the shelter was almost 70%. At the end of 2007, the rate was down to 3%, which held steady through 2009.  Since Sammie’s Friends assumed management of the Shelter in 2010, the euthanasia rate has decreased further to less than 1% and has stayed at that level.  One of the three major reasons for this huge reduction in euthanasia is the medical care provided by funds from Sammie's Friends.

(The other major reasons are the Shelter's Volunteer Program and Social Media like Facebook.)

All donations to Sammie's Friends go to the direct support of animals at the Nevada County Animal Shelter and community animals who have no other way to receive veterinary care.

Other Ways to Give to Sammie's Friends

Earn 3% of your qualifying purchases for Sammie's Friends every time you shop at SPD Markets!

Pick up a card at SPD and register it one of the following ways:

-To begin using your card immediately, complete the registration form available at the store.

-Call 1-800-931-6258 or register online

-If you're already an eScrip member, sign in to "my eScrip" to register your SPD Community Card.

SPD Markets Community Card

GO SHOPPING at dozens of local and online stores

(including AmazonSmile) and raise funds for Sammie's Friends at the same time.

Click Here to find out more!


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In Kind Donations

are tax deductible!


Thank You Briar Patch Co-op shoppers for supporting the animals at Sammie's Friends!