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My family and I were lucky enough to have Taz come into our life 8 years ago. Taz is a handsome American Staffordshire Terrier that almost instantly made a positive impact on us.  Some of you may have read articles that I have written previously under the moniker “Taz’s Tail”. I write these because, on an almost daily basis his antics cause us to smile and laugh with delight. He is truly a part of our family and is endowed with an extra helping of personality to the point that it is our pleasure to pamper and spoil him. I joke sometimes that he has the “all access platinum retirement package” because he has his own spot on the couch, two beds stacked for comfort, his own blankets that Beverley lovingly tucks around him, etc. We even stand watch over him while he eats his Special Meal so the other dogs don’t bother him and he can enjoy his meal in a relaxed manner. “Spoiled rotten” does not even begin to cover it. We do our level best to make sure he feels safe, secure, and comfortable in his older years. Our only sadness is that we know time marches on, and now his handsome face is mostly grey, and he has a weak knee along with other age related issues. Rest assured that comfort and TLC are lavished upon him.

It was not always this way for Taz.

Tails From An Old Friend

Updates and stories from previously adopted Sammie's Friends Pitbulls.

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Adopted:  May 2014

Current Age:  About 10 years old

Copper is living the life. He spends a lot of time at the water. He drives a boat, digs for lizards, sleeps on beds and thinks he is the baby in our family. He runs the NID ditches around here (with his mom and always on a leash)  and now lives on 5 acres. He has a sunroom to bask in the sun and this past winter discovered something called a wood stove that he prefers to sleep in front of during chilly nights. He loves everybody, assumes people want to get kisses from him but uses his big bark when his kids are home alone and he is in “charge.” I am pretty sure his hearing is going a little since he has been chased by a goat and almost kissed a fawn that he had no idea either were there. He is very distinguished with his white face now. Oh- and is favorite trick is picking blackberries carefully off bushes. We have loved every minute with Copper and feel so blessed that he waited long enough until we were ready for him.    

Love always - the McCracken Family and Copper


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Adopted:   2013

Current Age:  6 1/2 years old

How Karma came to the shelter:  Karma was dragged behind a car until his pads and nails were pulled off, and then was cut loose and left crumpled in the road.

Some folks speculate that he might have fallen from the back of a truck and was dragged by accident. Even so, someone cut him loose and left him to suffer. And die. A kind person found him there. Covered in asphalt and gravel and cleaned him off. They then took him to the vet. That's when animal control and Sammie's Friends got involved.

TODAY:  Karma is absolutely AWESOME!!  Everybody in the neighborhood knows and loves him!  From the very beginning we would tell Karma, when we walked him, that the squirrels, deer, fawns, birds, dogs, etc. were his friends.  Even off leash, he never chases after them, and the deer with their fawns know that Karma won't hurt them.   He's a gentle soul with a very loving heart for his people.   He also adores the little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Karly, that we adopted from Sammie's last Dec.  They play and wrestle and tease each other with their toys and bones.  He is so gentle with her and she is a little Tomboy terror!!  He loves going on his walks so that he can sniff to see who walked down his street!  He goes on the weekly Pack Walks at the Empire Mine with Beverly.  And when hes done all of those things he likes to take snoozes on the deck in the sunshine.

We can't imagine our home without Karma's presence here!  He is truly a gift to us!! And very thankful to Cheryl and Sammie's Friends for allowing us to be his forever home.

The pic with my 4 year old Granddaughter walking Karma - He will slow down for her and he keeps looking back at her to make sure that he's not going too fast for her.  He loves her sooo much!!



Adopted:   2010

Current Age:  11 years old

He came to Sammie’s Friends as a puppy just a few months old. I have heard Cheryl say many times that she immediately saw something special about Taz. “He was just good” she said, “good with the other puppies and very loving with people” (still is). Taz was adopted out from the shelter and had some hard times with his first home, unbeknown to anyone at the time. Unfortunately, after the fact, we have heard heartbreaking stories of horrific abuse of Taz by a previous owner.  By my lights, these stories, although terrible and hard to hear, bear witness to, and validate the existence of the wonderful organization that is Sammie’s Friends, where the care and security of the animal comes first. It is my great privilege and pleasure to contribute to the Sammie’s Friends effort in some small way.

When I first met Taz, he was three years old and was at the shelter for the second time in his life. This time around, he had been there for six months. Beverly brought him home for a few days just to get him out of the shelter. I must say that, at first, I, being ignorant at the time, kept an emotional distance from Taz,  because, “he is a pit bull” and I had never personally experienced what a wonderful friend and family member this loving and loyal breed can actually be. That emotional distance I put between us lasted a good portion of the first day. After that, Taz just insisted that I was going to love him and we began our journey. The third evening we had him Cheryl called to check on him and to let Beverly know that there was someone interested in adopting Taz. Thankfully, I overheard that phone conversation and asserted that “you don’t have to worry about Taz, he has a great home here with us”. His indoctrination of me had firmly taken hold.

Taz instantly made fast friends with our other two dogs Jack, a big Black Lab/Newfoundland mix and Duke, a Mcnabb dog. Together they would roam our ten acres and play, having various wonderful adventures and a few misadventures.  It is these wonderful misadventures that fuel the stories I write under the title of Taz’s Tail. Hopefully, readers can find a message in those stories that  helps them.

To say that Taz enriches our lives on a daily basis is truly an understatement. It is our pleasure to care for him, especially in his older years.  He has it “Made in the Shade”.

Mitch, Taz and Family