Help us care for our shelter animals until they find their forever homes...


Pound Puppy Rescue is a volunteer-run non-profit with chapters in Nevada County and the Bay Area.  They keep puppies out of shelters by fostering them so they can be healthy and socialized until they are old enough to be placed in forever homes.

Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic in Auburn is dedicated to providing excellent low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats.  It is the lowest cost spay/neuter program in our area.

Scooter's Pals is a non-profit dog rescue in Nevada County founded by Susan Wallace.  Scooter's Pals has dogs for adoption and provides Home Again microchipping for cats and dogs at low or no cost to Nevada County residents.  This is to help ensure the safe return of their pet in the event it becomes lost.

Chows Plus is a Northern California Chow rescue that rescues Chow Chows, Chow mixes and other deserving dogs from animal shelters.  Chows Plus is Cheryl Douglass in Sacramento and Karl Cobler in Grass Valley, CA.  Chows Plus works closely with Scooter's Pals.

AnimalSave provides low-cost spaying/neutering services to Nevada County residents.  AnimalSave also has a food distribution program for those who cannot provide adequate food for their pets.  AnimalSave has a cat room where many cats can be seen and adopted.  They also have kittens and puppies in foster homes.

Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers A non-profit that aids stray, abandoned, and neglected animals and helps Sacramento-area independent animal rescuers find their foster pets the loving homes they deserve.

Sammie's Pit Stop/Canine Academy is dedicated to shelter dogs. Beverley Mercier Ward and her trusty pack spend their mornings volunteering at Sammie's Friends assessing the new shelter dogs and working with those that need help.

Other Local Organizations

The following are links to other animal organizations in Nevada County and beyond.  Sammie's Friends is grateful for the collaboration and cooperation we have with these great organizations.  Together, we help the animals.

Rescue For Pet Sake is in Nevada County and was co-founded by Pam Gorman and Bev Albright.  "To rescue a dog is to rescue a life"  Adopt, Foster, Save!

Specializing in Natural Balance Barefoot Hoof Care

(530) 906-1810

(530) 268-0303 (Evenings)

David J.'s

Farrier Service

Grass Valley Animal Control is a division of the Grass Valley Police Department

We provide all animal control services within the CITY LIMITS of Grass Valley and CITY LIMITS of Nevada City. If your street address has between 1 and 3 numbers you are within the city limits.

We are located at:

556 B Freeman Lane

Grass Valley, CA 95945

(530) 477-4630

Pawsitive Pooch Dog Training believes that behavior is one of the biggest reasons people give up their dogs to shelters and rescues, which is why we are passionate about training you how to train your new puppy or dog.  We believe that dogs and their families deserve the very best life together.