Help us care for our shelter animals until they find their forever homes...



Volunteering for Sammie's Friends

(you must be at least 16 years old)

There are currently over 100 volunteers helping to care for our homeless animals, and we are always looking for more!

Cat Care Volunteers

This job is all about figuring out what makes a cat happy.  And face it, cats are not as demonstrative as dogs.  But there are times - when the cats lay their heads softly against your cheek, closes its eyes and begins to purr in your ear - that is all the reward you need!

This is what it takes:

Approximately two hours for a shift- one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The morning shift is when the heavy work is done.  The cat kennels, community rooms and litter boxes are all cleaned and then all the cats get a tasty meal.  In the afternoon, the cuddling begins full force- holding, petting, brushing and playing!  The afternoon crew also helps potential adopters meet and handle the cats.

This is what it accomplishes:

Handling the cats helps to socialize them.  It keeps them calmer in a stressful environment, which makes them more adoptable.  We show potential adopters how each cat likes to be cuddled.  We also help with disease control (a very important role) by keeping the kennels and rooms clean and reporting issues to the shelter staff.

How to join the Cat Care Team:

Fill out a Volunteer Application, email it back to us or print it out and drop it off at the shelter.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to find out what days and times you are available.  They will also schedule a time for you to come out and train with another office volunteer.